Wix Customer Care Details

Wix customer service contact details search will end here. Here we included all the contact details of Wix customer service. We cover Wix Phone Number, Customer Service Hours, How to call for an inquiry.

Customer care number

Wix 800 number

Wix customer care supporting hours

  • English (24/7)
  • French- (Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm GMT+2)
  • Italian- (Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm GMT+1)
  • German- (Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm GMT+1)
  • Japanese- (Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm JST)
  • Portuguese- (Monday-Friday from 3 am-8 pm EST)
  • Russian- (Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm GMT+1)
  • Spanish- (Monday-Friday from 3 am-8 pm EST)

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