Steps To Make Instant Photo Stickers In WhatsApp.

What are Steps to Make Instant Photo Stickers in WhatsApp.

 WhatsApp stickers have become a trend in recent years. This feature could be used to make boring chats look interesting and also a fun way to communicate. But, all the time users were forced to use a third-party application to turn their photos into a WhatsApp sticker. With the latest update, WhatsApp has addressed this problem. Now with the latest version of the messaging application, the user can turn an image into a WhatsApp sticker without the help of an extra application.

Though the change has been made in the messaging application, the feature has not yet arrived on the android version as well as the iOS version of WhatsApp.

In order to use this new feature, one must need the latest version of WhatsApp along with a PC. It will be through WhatsApp web one will be able to make image stickers in the latest way.

So, if you are frequently using your desktop for chatting, this latest feature is at your doorstep now. Just follow these steps to make fun WhatsApp stickers.

      1. Open WhatsApp web

  •   For this you need a PC or a Laptop. Open a browser such as Google Chrome/Firefox/Safari
  •   Search for WhatsApp web.
  •   Select the first link.
  •   A screen with a QR code will open.
  •   Take your phone.
  •   Open WhatsApp.
  •   Tap on the three dots on the top right corner.
  •   Select ‘Linked Devices.’
  •   Select ‘Link a Device’ option.
  •   A QR code scanner will appear.
  •   Scan the QR code on the computer screen.
  •   You will be connected to WhatsApp web and now you can use WhatsApp from your PC/Laptop.

        2. Open a chat window and select the attachment option.

        3.  Select Stickers.

        4. Select an image from the file explorer.

        5. Make necessary adjustments such as adding a text or a crop and send it.

It’s that simple. Now you can easily make fun image stickers to wish your buddy a happy birthday or congratulate him\her for a marvelous achievement.

These stickers can easily be shared or forwarded without saving it.