Multiple Ways to Import Passwords into Google Chrome.

Multiple Ways to Import Passwords into Google Chrome.

 These days most of the sites will ask you to create an account for accessing them. Whether it be an online shopping site or a job website you must login to it with an id and a password. With these multiple sites, ids and passwords most of you will be confused and it is not easy to remember each password.

 In order to provide user support, most of the web browsers provides an option to remember the site address along with its login credentials. Thus, you can save the ID and password to the site itself and when the next time you try to log in, these id and password will be filled automatically.

 With this, most of your IDs and Passwords will be stored in your frequent browser itself. Since all the data is stored in the browser, you tend to use the same one all the time and don’t feel comfortable in switching the browser.

 The main reason behind it is the fear regarding the saved login credentials. Well, if you are thinking of changing your default browser to google chrome, then you can import your saved login credentials from another browser to google chrome.

Different ways to import your login information to Chrome.

 In this article you can see multiple ways to import your login information to Chrome.

  •       Enabling the import option in Google Chrome

In Order to enable Google Chrome’s import option, you need to adjust the setting page’s code temporarily.

  1.     Launch Google Chrome on your PC/Laptop.
  2.     Tap on the three dots to select the settings option.
  3.     Explore the password session by tapping on the ‘Password’ option.
  4.     Right next to the ‘Saved Password’ option you could spot a ‘three dot’ icon click on it.
  5.     Right click on the ‘Export Password’ option and choose ‘inspect’.
  6.     The source code of the present page will now be visible. From there select the element with ID menulmport Password.
  7.     Delete the word ‘hidden’ from the code.
  8.     Proceed by clicking the enter key.
  9.     Now repeat the process of clicking the three dot icon next to ‘Save Passwords’
  10. This time you can find an import option. Tap on it to import your password into google chrome.

This is not a permanent change, each time you need to import a password, you will have to repeat this process all over.

  •       Easy way to transfer Passwords from Firefox

Unlike other browsers, it is much easier to transfer passwords from Firefox to Chrome.

Google Chrome has a provision to automatically transfer all your data from Firefox.

This method can be performed only if both the browsers are on the same computer. Both iOS and Windows support this option. With the same method, you can import passwords from other browsers too.

  1.     Open Google Chrome.
  2.     Tap on the three dot icon on the top right corner.
  3.     Select ‘Bookmarks’
  4.     Tap on ‘Import bookmark and settings.’
  5.     Click on the ‘Mozilla Firefox’ option from the dropdown menu.
  6.     Tick the checkbox adjacent to ‘Save Passwords’
  7.     Select ‘import’
  8.     Google Chrome will now start importing your saved passwords.
  9.     Tap on ‘Done’ once the import is done.
  •     Importing Password by Enabling Flags in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome does give you the provision to import a CSV file as a backup, but this won’t be visible directly. You must enable it manually.

 In order to enable this you should go to the flag page of Google Chrome. From there you can enable the password import feature.

  1.     Open Google Chrome.
  2.     [chrome://flags] Type this on the search bar and tap enter.
  3.     Search for ‘Password Import’ on the flag’s search.
  4.     Enable the Password Import flag by selecting ‘enable’ from the dropdown menu.
  5.     Restart the browser by tapping on the ‘Relaunch’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  6.     While the browser reopens, tap on the three dot icon at the top right and open settings.
  7.     Select ‘Password’
  8.     Tap on the three dot icon adjacent to ‘Save Passwords’
  9.     Select ‘import’ from the menu.
  10. Find your CSV file with password and import it to chrome.