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Morgan Stanley customer service contact details search will end here. Here we included all the contact details of Morgan Stanley customer service. We cover Morgan Stanley Phone Number, Customer Service Hours, How to call for an inquiry.

Customer care numbers

  • 1-800-622-2393: For the Share Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan.
  • 1-877-937-6739: New Accounts and Branch Offices
  • 1-888-454-3965: Morgan Stanley Online / ClientSer.
  • 1-800-869-3326: AAA Client Services
  • 1-800-869-6397: For Morgan Stanley Family of Funds
  • 1-800-231-2608: For Morgan Stanley Closed-End Funds
  • 1-800-548-7786: For Morgan Stanley Institutional/MAS Funds
  • 1-800-341-2911: Van Kampen Funds
  • 1-212-762-8131: For Security analysts, portfolio managers, and representatives of financial institutions.

Steps for connecting with customer care

  • Dial  800-869-3326
  • Stay on line
  • Now you get a connection with a customer care representative

Contact address

Morgan Stanley

1585 Broadway

New York, NY 10036

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