How To Use WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature Without Internet.

Let’s know How to Use WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature Without Internet.

WhatsApp allows its user to connect the account to multiple devices. Though this feature was introduced a long time ago, the latest update improves the feature even more.

With this the account can be linked to a maximum of four devices at a time. Before the update, the secondary devices would’ve functioned only if the primary device has proper internet connection.

Now those days are all gone. With the new version, the secondary device could function even if the primary device is offline.

Why do you need a multi-device feature?

During office hours, you must be tied to a desktop or a laptop as a part of your work and you won’t have the time to use your phone.

At this time, you could easily connect your WhatsApp with your desktop and start using the application from your PC.

With this, your phone remains offline, but you could still use WhatsApp and carry on with your job.

Connecting to a WhatsApp web has some positive benefits too. From a phone, you cannot send a file that is above 16 MB, but from WhatsApp web, you can address this problem and send files that are above 16 MB.

 To use WhatsApp multi-device feature without a net:

  •       Open ‘WhatsApp’ on the phone and you will get the home screen with a lot of chats.
  •       On the top right you could see three dots, select the three dots at the top right to open the menu bar.
  •       Amongst them, select the ‘Linked devices’ option to start connecting your device.
  •       Select the ‘Multi-device beta’ option.
  •       Tap on “Join Beta”, then a screen with a QR code scanner will appear.
  •       Open your laptop or PC and open WhatsApp web from a browser by simply searching ‘WhatsApp            Web’ and selecting the first link.
  •       The page will welcome you with a QR Code.
  •       Link the device by scanning the QR code with the code scanner on your phone.
  •       Now you will be logged in to your WhatsApp from your PC/Laptop.

Like this, you can link three more additional devices.