How to use Google Pay Split Expense Feature

 Google Pay Split Expense Feature.


Google pay split bill features

Google Pay is recognized as one of the most frequently used and easy payment applications. It has come up with a new feature that could become a game changer in the world of digital payments.

The Google-owned payment app is known for its efficient and fast money transfer feature. Most people want to make cashless payments and Google Pay has created a revolution by allowing that.

Google Pay app now allows users to split and pay bills faster.

Google first announced this bill splitting feature at the ‘Google for India 2021’ event

With the new feature, anyone can make a payment. The application will notify the person who has made the payment. So, anyone can notice the non-payment person and ask them for payment of the bill.

If you are going to a hotel or cafe with a group of friends. Once the bill arrives, your friends have promised to pay back part of the bill, so you will eventually have to pay the full amount. After that, you have to calculate the cost of each one and ask them for share individually.

The process of payment sharing is now very easy with Google Pay’s Split Bill feature.

How to use this Google pay feature.

Following are the step-by-step guide, how to use this Google pay feature.

  1. Open the Google pay application.
  2. Select ‘ New Payment’ option at the bottom of the home screen.
  3. Select ‘New Group’ option on the bottom part of the screen.
  4. Create a group by naming and adding required people.
  5. Click on ‘Split an Expense’ option and enter the total payment amount
  6. Tap on the ‘Next’ option.
  7. Now, the app will automatically split the bill and let each member know how much to pay.
  8. Click on ‘Send Request’ option. Now, the app will send the payment request. You can type in what this payment is for and details about the payment.

Only the person who created the bill split can accept the payment. The payment is sent to the bill creator’s primary bank account in Google Pay.

To check the status of your Google pay request.

  • Open your Google Pay app.
  • Open the created group for the bill.
  • Now select the bill you want to check.
  • Go to “Bill Details” page. Find out who has paid, who still owes money, and how much is outstanding.
  • Only the creator of the bill split can verify each partner’s payment. Other participants can check the total amount of payments due.

The split feature will be activated immediately and the rest of the group will receive the payment request. Google Pay notifies you every time someone makes a bill payment.
It also provides a graphical representation of the payment process through Google Pay.

 The Google Pay application also provides a facility to cancel the payment request. It can be used when you receive payments through cash/card or any other mode.

So after going to a restaurant or a party, there is no need to change the money using the calculator every time. Google Pay’s latest split bill feature. It enables you to automate the entire process.