How to use Google Drive to save Gmail Attachments.

How to use Google Drive to save Gmail Attachments.

 Nowadays almost every important document is sent in the form of email. Most of us will be using Gmail to send or receive mail. On a day to day basis you might be getting a lot of mail. Some of them will be genuine and some will be spams. Due to this huge quantity of mails, finding a particular email or attachment is not a simple task.

 You must have received an important notice from our company and you need to download it again after some months. The attachment will be safe in the mail, but finding it will be a herculean task.

 Searching with the received mail id can help you get the mail, but what if you have received so many mails from the same address? It will require more time and effort.

 Google has an arrangement for this, you can use Google Drive to save your Gmail attachments. This can be arranged and filtered directly from Gmail itself.

 Google Drive is a place where you can store useful data in the forms of videos, photos, documents, etc. Since google provides this service, you can make use of it to tackle your Gmail complications.

Steps to use Google Drive to save Gmail Attachments.

  In this article you will learn how to use Google Drive to protect and save your Gmail attachments.

  1. Open your Gmail.
  2. Find and click on the mail with an attachment that you wish to save on G Drive.
  3. Move the cursor on top of the attachment.
  4. Now some icons will appear on the attachment.
  5. Click on the ‘google Drive’ icon.
  6. Click on the ‘Add to Drive’ option.
  7. To save the attachment on a specific drive location, select ‘Organize in Drive’ option and choose the folder.

 If your mail has multiple attachments, you can save them all to google drive in just one click. There will be an ‘Add to Drive’ option on the top right corner of the mail. Just click on it to save the complete attachments to google drive.

To organize the attachment, select ‘Organize in Drive’ option.

 Now, your attachments will be safe in the google drive and you can sort it and find it easier than ever before.