How to Make WhatsApp Broadcasting Easy.

How to Make WhatsApp Broadcasting Easy.

 WhatsApp is an application that has brought revolution into the world of texting. The Meta owned messaging application is capable of performing many other things than just sending texts.

WhatsApp helps you to connect with someone far away. It helps you to share images, videos, audio notes and also to connect through a video call.

As part of the growth WhatsApp later introduced different features for business accounts and personal use accounts.

Even though many features came in as the time progressed, the application enables the user only to share a file or a message to just five contacts at a time.

Some have overcome this by creating groups of like-minded ones so that a common message in the group will reach many.

But it’s not always possible to form groups to share a message with multiple people.

Wait till you blame WhatsApp! The application still has a feature that most of its users are unaware of.

Benefits of WhatsApp Broadcast.

WhatsApp is a world wide application for communicating with people around the corner,  in this generation majority of people are using WhatsApp, they know the benefits, WhatsApp always offers a wide range of features, such as voice calling, video calling, photography sending, and so on.

WhatsApp Broadcasting is also a helpful feature. For example: if you want to send the same message to some people, it may take time to forward the same message to each recipient. If you create a broadcast list, you can send as many people as you want to send the same message at the same time. In the Broadcast list you can include up to 256 people in your contact.

How to Broadcast a message?

WhatsApp has the provision to broadcast a message. In a single click, you could deliver your message to more than 5 people.

In a go, the application allows you to send a message to 256 people in your contact.

“Broadcast List” can be found in the WhatsApp home menu, the three dots at the top right of the app.

Follow these steps to broadcast your message.

  1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your WhatsApp home screen.
  2. Select New Broadcast from the menu.
  3. Pick up the contacts you needed to broadcast (maximum number is 256).
  4. Select the ‘green tick’ symbol to create a broadcast space.
  5. Send the required messages or images or videos through the created space and it will reach the selected contacts.

You send a message to the people on the broadcast list, and your message is received as a normal message to all recipients on the broadcast list. When they reply, it will appear as a normal message on your chat screen. Their reply will not be visible to other recipients on the broadcast list, it’s not like a WhatsApp group .

How to delete a broadcast list.

  1. In the chat screen click on the three dots at the top right 
  2. Select the broadcast list information.
  3. Tap Delete the list.

Instead, tap Edit and then the “-” icon>  next to the list you want to delete.