How To Hide Photos and Videos – Google Photos.

How to hide Photos and Videos using Google Photos.

 Google is a platform that provides endless services to its users. Right from emailing to virtual meetups, everything is available in Google’s service.

Google also manufactures smartphones in the name of ‘Google Pixels’. As a brand google offers some extended services to their Pixel users too. While the normal user gets only about 15GB of google storage, a Pixel user will get more than that without extra payment.

Likewise The Google photos locked folder facility was another extended feature that google provided for their smartphone users.

Google Photos is a photo sharing and storing space provided by Google. Anyone with a google account can avail  this feature.

Google released this photo lock feature in Google Photos during June, 2021. But it was available only to Pixel users.

Now, Google has announced that this feature will be available on other android phones as well.

A password protected photo or video won’t be visible in any areas of Google Photos and other apps on the phone.

Google Photos Locked Folder helps the user to hide their photos and videos. Data stored in this folder cannot be shared and the screenshots will also be disabled for this folder.

Which means that if you want to view or access the photos and videos in Google Photos Locked Folder, you have to enter the password.

 In this article you will learn how to hide your photos with the help of Google Photos Locked Folder .

In order to make use of this option, you must have a smartphone with Android 6.0 processors or above, and also need the latest version of google photos.

Steps to set Locked Folder.

If you meet the above criteria’s, then:

  1. Open Google Photos.
  2. Open Library.
  3. Search for ‘Utilities’
  4. Select ‘Set Up Locked Folder.’
  5. The next screen will explain the features and characteristics of Locked Folder.
  6. Select ‘Set Up Locked Folder’ and proceed.
  7. Now you will be able to set a password on a local folder.

 Just like this you can secure your photos and videos safely in Google Photos.