How to Hide Emails in Gmail Through Archives.

Learn How to Hide Emails in Gmail Through Archives.

Some of the features that are embedded in WhatsApp are now available in your Gmail too.

Now you can archive your unnecessary or stressful mails in your Gmail too.  You can hide your mails in Gmail without permanently deleting through archives.

Archiving an email will make it disappear from your inbox and related category by hiding it from the primary view without deleting it. You can view these archived mails through Gmail labels or in the All Mail Folder.

These mails will remain in your Gmail account until you delete it automatically. The archived mails will occupy the same amount of storage space as all the other mails. Aside from deleting, the archiving option allows you to get a convenient middle ground. This is the best option for people who want to keep the emails that should be kept out of sight without deleting it.

To archive a mail there are two ways to get it done. Either with the web browser or through the app.

Archive the mails by using the Web browser.

There are certain steps in Gmail through which you can archive the mails by using the Web browser.

You have to follow the below mentioned steps :

  •       Open Gmail on your web browser.
  •       Log on to your Gmail account.
  •       Select the Email or emails that you have to archive.
  •       Click on the archive button which looks like an arrow pointing down.
  •       The button is located on the upper left side of the screen.

Archiving emails steps in Gmail app.

  •       Open the Gmail application
  •       Tap on the email or emails that have to be archived.
  •       Click on the archive button next to the trash icon.

Another way of doing this is through sliding the email you want to archive to the left.

You can find a green background with an archive icon once you slide the mail. A pop up will appear to confirm the archive email once it’s done.

 There are several ways to find the archived mails in Gmail. From which two methods are explained below.

How to find archived Emails in Gmail.

The most convenient way to find the archived mail in Gmail is through the search bar.

It is not possible to find a category for the archived mails instead you can search for the mail using the details of the mail such as the senders name, even elements of the mail that you remember, company name, number etc.

Finding archived Emails using All Mail.

  •       Click on the left menu bar.
  •       Select All Mail.
  •       Scroll down to find the needed mail you have archived.

Both in the app and web browser these options are available. The best way to use it is the search bar option so that you can directly go to the  necessary email without searching through everything in one move.