How to Easily Draw Indian Map by Hand.

How to Easily Draw Indian Map by Hand.

The general shape of the Indian map is very similar to that of a kite, with its boundary made up of many curved lines. To draw a general outline, you need a pencil and scale to make the first marks. Add the curved edges of the border, mark the major cities, and draw important landmarks to give your map some of the details it needs. With a little practice, you can draw a map of India in no time.

Steps to Draw Indian Map by Hand.

Forming Out Line.

First step is draw a out line of the map.

First we will draw the lines as we see in this picture and will explain how to draw the lines and their length.

  • Take a scale and pencil to draw a vertical line on your paper and draw a vertical line 14.5 cm from the center of the page.
    To make your line slightly off-center, start drawing about two-fifths of the top of the page. Draw the line in such a way that you have to erase it later.
  • Second, make a dot at the 4.5 cm mark on your line, or tick it. This dot is a reference point for where to place your scale for the next horizontal symbol, so mark it lightly but visibly.
  • Draw a horizontal line across the dot. Use your pencil and ruler to draw a straight horizontal line up to 4 cm to the left of the mark and 8 cm to the right of the mark.
  • Draw a line 8 cm long. Align the scale diagonally with 3 cm to the left of the center dot and 5 cm to the right of the center dot.
  • Draw a diagonal line going in the opposite direction. Create a new diagonal line 2 cm to the right of the center mark and 3-4 cm to the left.
    This line should form an “X” shape from the first diagonal line.

Draw the Edge.

  • Use the sketched lines as a guide to draw the edges. You should now have a total of 4 lines: a long line vertically, a long line horizontally, and 2 diagonal lines forming a staggered X. The tips of these lines show you the border of India, or where the outline of your drawing extends.
    Although India has many intricate curves when you draw in detail, it is its simplest form.

Complete the out line.


  • The border of India can be created with curved lines. The outline of India is almost entirely made up of detailed curves large and small. To draw your map accurately, take a look at a map of India to see exactly where the curves turn inwards and outwards as well as how close or distant they are.
    For example,
    For example, the bottom portion of India looks like a V shape. The farthest left part of India looks like a back . These are the simple forms of each section.

      Now completed the diagram then to adding details 

Draw the States and Union Territories of India to show the boundaries. 28 States and 8 Union Territories in India. All the States and Union Territories are made up of detailed curved documents of different shapes and sizes. Above is a picture of Indian map Cleary depicted of all the states. Practice drawing them on your own map.