How to Add Links On Your Instagram Story.

How to Add Links On Your Instagram Story.

 If you look into the most used Socialmedia platforms, Instagram will be amongst the top of the list. The application helps you to share photos and stories smoothly to a large community of people.

 Most of us know how to post an Instagram story. These stories have a life of 24hours only. With this you could share a relevant or an important matter. Thus your followers could see your story.

 Depending on the number of followers, the application allots special privileges to its users, adding a link to the Instagram story was such a thing.

 Previously, Instagram allowed only users with more than 10,000 followers to add a link to their Instagram story. Now, with the latest update almost anyone can attach a link to their Instagram story.

 Nowadays, Instagram influencers use this feature to guide their story viewers to a website. Adding the link of your YouTube channel/video to an Instagram story with a small poster or trailer will instantly pull the audience to the channel. Since the process is simple, many of the viewers will access the link.

Steps to add links on Instagram story.

 In this article you will see how to attach a link to your Instagram Story.

  1.  Open Instagram application.
  2. Swipe right/click on your profile DP on the left side top.
  3. Upload the photos from your library or take a live one.
  4. Tap on the sticker button from the top.
  5. Select the ‘Link” option from the sticker menu.
  6. On the next step you will find an ‘Add Link’ screen.
  7. Here you can either paste or type the link that you want to attach.
  8. Once adding the link, tap on the “Done”option.
  9. Adjust the link sticker size by pinching in or out. And place it anywhere on the screen.
  10. Once you are done, you can share the story just like always and your followers can view the story as well as access the attached link.

 Just like this you can post stories encompassed with a link. Whether it be a promotion to a website or a referral link, you can easily post it like this.

 If you want to open a link like this from someone’s story, tap on the link sticker attached to their story and then click on the ‘Visit Link’ option. This will take you to the linked page through a built in Instagram browser.

 If you wish to access the link through another browser of your choice, then you can tap on the menu button (three dot icon) on the built-in Instagram browser and open the link in any other browser.