How can we make vanish mode on and off on Instagram.

Learn how to setup disappearing messages on Instagram.

Just like the Facebook Messenger App Instagram also has a disappearing message feature. With this you can send messages that will be deleted after sometime. This Instagram feature is known as vanish mode.

You can use this feature while texting sensitive contents to your friends or someone else. One of the major reasons for including vanish mode features is that one code reduces their digital footprint.

This feature can also be used while chatting about a less important issue or topic with a random person.

Sometimes in social media you come across people who you will be there for just a few minutes. The vanish feature can be used while chatting with these people.

Let’s see how we can use the vanish mode feature while texting on Instagram.

  •   Open the Instagram application.
  •   Choose the direct message session by swiping to the left or by clicking on the message icon on the top         right of the screen.
  •   Open a chat to set up vanishing mode.
  •   Swipe up words to activate vanishing mode.
  •   Once that’s done the background of the chat screen turns dark.
  •   You can now chat and send images or stickers just like you do in a normal chart for stop.
  •   Swipe up again to exit vanish mode.

 Once the recipient reads the messages it will automatically be deleted.

You should keep in mind that the recipient can take screenshots and whenever they do that you will be notified that they have taken a screenshot and vice versa.

It is also important to know that Instagram keeps the messages for an hour or even after vanishing.

If the recipient files an abuse report Instagram can still use the deleted messages.

Do you want to turn off vanish mode?

  •  Open Instagram.
  • Open your friend’s chat box where you have Vanish Mode enabled.
  •  Swipe up from the bottom of your screen again
    tap to turn off vanish mode.
  •  You will see that the vanish mode is disabled.