How Are Mountains Useful To Us.

How Are Mountains Useful To Us.

Trees, hills and mountains are a natural gift from God and we understand the value of nature and its naturalness. Humans cannot create nature, they can create an artificial world, but it does not have a natural beauty or we may have to pay to enter that world. We do not know how we got into this world. Someone created this world for us, So we have a responsibility to take care of nature without compromising anything. Because this world and nature give life to us. It seemed like a good decision to investigate this issue. We need to know about nature, how nature sustains our lives.

In general, people are confused by the words hill and mountain. The hills are like mountains, but their height is very low compared to the mountains.

How Mountains Formed ?

In general, mountains are higher than the earth’s surface and are larger than a hill .There can be many reasons for the formation of mountains. But scientists have found some ways.

One reason is the collision of plates beneath the Earth’s surface. This is also due to the large-scale movement of the Earth’s crust. These are called tectonic plates. Folding, cracking, and volcanic eruptions are all part of the larger and more structural deformation of the Earth’s crust and mantle.

Deformation of the crust, thickening, and elevation of the crust also contribute to the formation of mountains.

Top Mountains in the World.

1.  Mount Everest – 8848m
2.  K2 / Qogir /Godwin Austen – 8611m
3.  Kangchenjunga – 8586m
4.  Lhotse – 8516m
5.  Makalu – 8485m
6.  Cho Oyu – 8188m
7.  Dhaulagiri – 8167m
8.  Manaslu – 8163m
9.  Nanga Parbat – 8126m
10. Annapurna – 8091m

Benefits And Uses of Mountains.

Agriculture is one of the most important uses of the hills. 2.5 billion people in the world depend on agriculture. 2 billion peoples are benefited of water, food and hydropower the mountains. However, for those who live around the mountains it may always seem like a challenge, but it benefits a lot of people. It’s been going on for ages.

Terrace farming is the most popular way to cultivate in sloping areas like hills and mountains. What people commonly call terracing. The terracing ridge and its slopes are divided into a set of flat surfaces from the top of the hill and the flat surface is used for cultivation. These terrace paddy fields are used for barley, wheat and paddy cultivation.

Mountain Resources.

There are many resources available to us from the mountains and mountainous areas. In the Himalayan mountains, people use natural remedies to treat diseases. There are minerals in the mountains.

Iron, silver and gold these kind of minerals Government agencies founding from the mountains. They are separated by the excavation of several mountains. When these minerals are released, they may not be the usual shape or color. These minerals are polished for commercial purposes.

We get not only minerals but also timber and many medicinal plants. People collect wood from the hills to make pulp. There are coffee plantations near these mountains.