What Are The Hidden Features Of WhatsApp.

Hidden Features Of WhatsApp

 WhatsApp has become an integral part of one’s life. Majority of the population uses WhatsApp to communicate and to run their business. From a messaging app to an all in one app, WhatsApp is growing. Ever thought that why\how WhatsApp has got such a huge user community? It is because of its simple and powerful features. As the day progresses, the app also pushes itself to become the best. From its launch to now, WhatsApp has evolved much as a people friendly application.

Even though many people use WhatsApp, most of them don’t know its true potential. In this article you will understand different features of WhatsApp.

  •        The Disappearing Messages

This feature of WhatsApp enables you to delete group chats and personal conversations automatically. Once you activate this option, the app itself will automatically delete the chats after the mentioned time.

To activate this feature:

  1.     open the person’s or the group chat which you want to activate the disappearing message feature.  
  2.     Tap on the name of the person or the group.
  3.     Right below the display picture you can see the ‘Disappearing Messages’ option.
  4.     Turn on the  ‘Disappearing Messages’.
  •       View Once Photos and Videos

This feature was previously available in applications like Instagram and SnapChat. Its will allow you to send photos and videos that will automatically delete once the receiver views it.

It is very simple to activate. While sending a photo or a video just tap on the ‘1’ icon on the left side of the text bar.

  •       Forbid auto save.

All the photos and videos that you receive on WhatsApp will automatically be stored in your phone’s storage. Due to this your phone storage will be filled quickly.

In order to stop this auto download on your phones, follow the steps below.

  •       iOS

  1.  Open ‘Settings’
  2.  Select ‘Chat’
  3.  Deselect ‘Save to camera roll’ option.
  •       Android

  1. Open ‘Settings’
  2. Go to the ‘Data and Storage Usage’ menu.
  3.     Select ‘Media Auto-Download’
  4. Go to ‘When Using Mobile Data\WIFI’
  5. Turn off the settings for ‘Photos, Audio and Video’
  •       The Text Modifiers

Instead of simply typing and sending texts, WhatsApp has a hidden feature where you could make your word or sentence bold, Italicize, monospace or even strike through words.

This is also very simple to add while you text.

Just add these symbols in front and after the word or sentence.

  1. Underscore (_)

This is used to make a sentence or word italics. ( _Can you Call me_ )

  1. Asterisk (*)

Used to make a word or a sentence bold. ( *Can you Call me* ). 

  1. Tilde (~)

When you put ‘~’ symbol in front and after a word or a sentence, you will get a strikethrough.

  1. Backticks (“`)

These are used for monospace.

  •       Star to Save Messages

WhatsApp is used not just for casual conversations, they are used to build good communications as well as to develop business. Thus, one will be getting and sharing important information through WhatsApp.

The application gives you a provision to save the important messages. You can ‘Star’ the important messages and could retrieve it when needed.

This can be done in a simple way. Long press on a message that you want to save, it could be a photo or a document or a video or even a text. Once the message is selected, you can see a star icon at the top of the screen. Tap on it and your message will be saved.

If you want to see the starred messages you can open the persons or group chat, tap on their name and select the ‘starred message’ option.

  •       Mute a person or a group

If a person or a group spams your WhatsApp, it’s better to either block them or exit the group. But, WhatsApp has brought in a permanent mute feature which enables you to mute a person or a group forever.

In Order to muse a group or a person:

  1.     Open the conversation.
  2.     Tap on the name of the person or the group.
  3.     Select the ‘mute’ option.
  4.     Choose the duration you want to keep them in mute mode. Select ‘Always’ option to mute them permanently. If you decide to unmute them then follow the same process and select unmute.
  •       Archive a Conversation

If you want to hide a personal or a group chat from your chat list you can us ethos option.

If you are using an iPhone, swipe right on the conversation which you want to hide, and then select the ‘More’ option and tap on ‘Archive.’

On Android phones press and hold on the chat. Once the chat is selected, the ‘Archive’ option will appear on the top of the home screen. Just tap on it and that chat will be hidden.  

  •       Turn off the ‘Last Seen’ Option

If you want to hide your last seen details, you could use this feature.

  1.     Open settings by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of the home screen.
  2.     Select Account.
  3.     Choose the ‘Privacy’ menu.
  4.     Open ‘Last Seen’
  5.     Select “everyone” to make your last seen visible to anyone who has your number. Choose “My Contact” to make your last seen visible only to people in your contact. Select “Nobody” to hide your last seen details from everyone.
  •       Stop an unknown number to add you in a group

You can be added to a group if the group admin has your number. This creates worse situations at times. In order to prevent this.

  1.     Open settings by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of the home screen.
  2.     Select Account.
  3.     Go to ‘Privacy’
  4.     Tap on Groups.
  5.     Select ‘My Contacts’ so that only people in your contacts will be able to add you into  a group.
  6.     You can funnel your contact list also by blocking the persons in your contacts by selecting ‘My Contacts Except” option. If you include all your contacts here no one will be able to add you to a group anymore.
  •       Clear Unwanted Data

The auto-download option in WhatsApp is a storage killer for the phones. By default this will be turned on but you can turn auto download off.

  1.     Open settings by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of the home screen.
  2.     Select ‘Storage and Data’
  3.     Tap on ‘Manage Storage’
  4.     Here you can see which all chats have consumed the highest number of storage space and also you can stop auto downloading of files greater than 5 MB.
  5.     If you want to clear a chat data, select the chat and choose the media that you want to delete and select the delete option.
  •       Connect multiple devices without having the phone being connected to internet

With the latest update, WhatsApp gives you the provision to connect up to four devices to your account. Before it was with the help of WhatsApp web you linked your account to a pc or laptop. But if it’s connected using WhatsApp web, the phone should have an active internet connection.

With the latest update even without the phone being online you could use WhatsApp from four different devices.

  1.     Open settings by tapping on the three dots at the top right corner of the home screen.
  2.     Tap on the ‘Linked Device’ option.
  3.     Select ‘Multi Device beta’
  4.     Tap on the ‘Join Beta’ option. A QR scanner will now appear.
  5.     Open your PC or laptop.
  6.     Search for WhatsApp Web on your browser and load WhatsApp web.
  7.     Scan the QR Code with your WhatsApp QR code scanner.
  8.     You can leave this any time by repeating the steps repeating steps 1 to 3 and select ‘Leave Beta”       option.
  9.     To add another device, repeat the steps.
  •       Sharing Live Location

You can easily share your live location through WhatsApp. With this you can enable someone to track your movement.

  1.     Open the person’s chat with whom you want to share your live location with.
  2.     Tap on the ‘Attach’ option.
  3.     Choose ‘Locations’ from the menu.
  4.     Select ‘Live Location.’
  5.     Adjust the time and press the send button.
  •       Keep the important Chats at the Top.

Since there will be a lot of conversations happening with a lot of people, sometimes we might miss some important chats. To prevent this WhatsApp gives you the provision to pin some chats at the top of the list.

For Android press and hold the chat, select the pin icon from the top of the screen.

iPhone users should swipe right on the chat and select the pin icon.

After this the pinned chats will be seen on top of the list. A maximum of three chats can be pinned in this manner.