Fafsa Customer Care Details

FAFSA customer service contact details search will end here. Here we included all the contact details of FAFSA customer service. We cover FAFSA Phone Number, Customer Service Hours, How to call for an inquiry.

Customer care numbers

  • 1-800-433-3243: FAFSA Support Phone Number
  • 1-800-557-7394: Student Loan Support Center.
  • 1-877-557-2575: Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group.
  • 1-855-265-4038: Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
  • 1-855-279-6207: Borrower Defense Customer Support.
  • 1-800-557-7394: Student Loan Support Center.
  • 1-800-621-3115 Default Resolution Group.

Customer care supporting hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8 am to 11 pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 11 am to 5 pm

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