Explain why H2O is liquid and H2S is gas.

Why H2O exists as a liquid and H2S as a gas.

Because oxygen has a high electronegativity,H2O has a hydrogen bond (second only to fluorine).
Therefore, hydrogen atoms from other molecules of water form a hydrogen bond with oxygen, resulting in intermolecular hydrogen bonding.
In the case of H2S (hydrogen sulfide), the electronegativity of sulfur is lower than that of oxygen, so hydrogen bonding is much lower in the case of h2s.
Thus at room temperature h2o exists as a liquid and h2s as a gas.

2s 2px 2py 2p. SP3 hybridization. The bond angle for H2O is 105o. H2S bond angle is closer to normal p orbitals (90o).

Why H2O is liquid but H2S is a gas ?

In simple Words : Oxygen is paramagnetic.

H2O definition and formula:

H2O is a molecular formula of water, also known as dihydrogen monoxide. It is a combination of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

H2S definition and formula.

Hydrogen sulfide is a chemical compound known as H2S. It is a colorless chalcogen-hydride gas that is toxic, perishable, and flammable. The term underground mine gas for foul-smelling gaseous mixtures containing hydrogen sulfide is odorous. In 1777, the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele was credited with discovering the chemical composition of purified hydrogen sulfide.


What happens when hydrogen sulfide enters the environment?

  • Hydrogen sulfide diffuses into the air as a gas.
  • Hydrogen sulfide stays in the atmosphere for about 18 hours.
  • When released as a gas, it converts to sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid.
  • In some cases it can be discharged as liquid waste from industrial facilities.

How does hydrogen sulfide affect health?

Contact with low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide can cause eye, nose or throat irritation. Some asthma sufferers may find it difficult to breathe. Short contact with high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide (greater than 500 ppm) can cause unconsciousness and possibly death. In most cases, a person appears to regain consciousness without any other consequences. However, in some individuals, there may be permanent or long-term effects, such as headaches.
Poor attention, poor memory and poor motor function. Normal environmental concentrations of hydrogen sulfide have not been found to have any health effects on humans.

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