Explain How Deforestation Leads to Reduced Rainfall

Explain How Deforestation Leads to Reduced Rainfall.

Deforestation means the cutting the trees or forests. During transpiration, trees provide large amounts of water in the form of water vapor. Trees play an important role in the water cycle as they add moisture to the rainy air.

Deforestation can lead to depletion of water vapor. Which affects the formation of clouds and thus reduces rainfall and destruction of trees. It can lead to many problems such as pollution and erosion. As a result of low rainfall, the soil becomes dry, which leads to dehydration of the trees, disrupting the water cycle process and reducing rainfall.

Where deforestation is happening.

The largest tropical forests on the planet are the Amazon Basin in South America. The extent of deforestation and its causes are quite different in these three regions.

Amazonia has the largest area of ​​tropical forests and the highest rate of deforestation. Deforestation, especially for livestock and soybean crops, is a major incentive to produce commodity crops.

Deforestation in Southeast Asia is also driven by production to the global market, but here, palm oil plantations are the most important factor for vegetable oil. Southeast Asia is also different because it contains significant areas of peat soil, which releases large amounts of CO2 when cleaned and dried.

On the other hand, deforestation in the Congo basin is low, mainly due to traditional farming practices. This means that the forest can grow back and absorb the previously released CO2.

Benefits of Reduced Deforestation.

Preventing deforestation is an integral part of tackling global warming. Action against global warming and climate change is the responsibility of every citizen. In trying to work together to address this agenda, we need protection from the loss of trees in all corners of the world. In the long run, we can reduce the risk of catastrophic weather events such as droughts, heat waves, floods, tsunamis and hurricanes.

Deforestation causes more carbon emissions. The world needs to know that deforestation accounts for 12% of total carbon emissions. As the forest stores carbon, each tree that is cut down releases carbon into the atmosphere. Carbon emissions from deforestation are equivalent to the annual vehicle emissions of 600 million cars. Deforestation must stop to deal with this problem effectively.