Do You Want To Record WhatsApp Voice Calls or Video Calls?

In which way to record WhatsApp voice calls or video calls
How to record WhatsApp voice calls or video calls.

This article talks about the features of WhatsApp Call Recorder. WhatsApp is not just a messaging application. Its one of the most popular voice calling and video calling apps. Everyone uses the app because of these useful features. What’s App Messenger is used worldwide. Everyone has to knows the features and usage. We use the app for all online discussions. Sometime we feel that, save or record some important calls or video calls, but we don’t know how to record the whats app voice and video calls. Don’t worry about it, we listed all the step-by-step guide below:

Do You Want To Record WhatsApp Voice And Video Calls?

Some time we feel some calls and videos are want to record as a proof. But, you may have often wondered how to record WhatsApp voice calls and video calls. WhatsApp app does not give the features to recording the calls or videos through whats app. Its has some tips, here we show how to simply record a WhatsApp voice and video calls in your phone.

How to Record WhatsApp Voice Calls And Video Calls? 

Every to know how to use WhatsApp and its benefits; its give the features to communicate with people all over the world. Whats app is helps to chat with people , share photography, share location, make voice calls and video calls. But this app does not allow for recording any voice and video calls. However, it is not possible to record calls made while talking on the phone.

Most peoples may have searched many times how to record WhatsApp voice and video calls, now we come up with the answer.

The first Simplest Approach: Voice Recorder.

Android phones or any smart phones are allow to record the voice call while talking, if you want to record a WhatsApp call, then you can turn on the voice recorder without cutting the call. This approach you can choose to record your WhatsApp call.

 1. Start your WhatsApp call.

2. You can only support multitasking on smartphones. Now you can turn on the voice recorder without ending the WhatsApp call.

3. Open your voice recording app.

4. Press Record.

If you start recording voice calls. One thing to remember, you may have to turn on the speaker because there is a chance that you will miss what they are saying by the time you go to turn on the voice recorder.

Or, another method is to choose a third-party application by downloading the app.

 Record WhatsApp Voice Calls on Android.

Third party apps are call recording. The third party apps work on the basis of features, cost and app compatibility. A great option to record WhatsApp voice calls on Android is the Cube Call Recorder/Cube ACR app, which is easily install from the Google Play Store.

  •  Install “Cube ACR” App
  •  Once you downloaded the app, you need to enable the app connector in your phone’s Accessibility > Settings section.
  •  Choose to ignore battery optimization feature.
  •  Select ‘Whats App’ option ,if you want to record your WhatsApp calls.

You may done to disable automatic recording and record calls manually at any time. To do these small step, you tap on the hamburger menu> Recording> Disable AutoStart Recording.

 Record WhatsApp Video Calls on Android.

The big point, there is no official feature to record WhatsApp video calls on your Android smartphone. However. If you want to record WhatsApp video call, you can use the Screen Recorder on your Android smartphone. There are many apps available in the Google Play Store, ‘AZ Screen Recorder’ is most useful app to record WhatsApp video calls. This is help to record WhatsApp video calls using audio, here We will show how to record a WhatsApp video call.

  •   Download the Screen Recorder .
  •  Open the app and the will create a pop-up widget in your notification panel. Note: you toggle ‘Enable audio recording’ before recording the call.
  • Then, open the WhatsApp app and start a conversation with the person who want to record the call to.
  •  After starting the call, you tap the Current Record button from the AZ Screen app. When call is done, stop recording. Now, your WhatsApp video call will be recorded in the app.

 Record WhatsApp Voice Calls on iPhone.

It is very difficult to record WhatsApp call on iPhone. There is not allow special apps for easily record your WhatsApp calls. Even though, We will show another method to record a WhatsApp voice call.

  •  Connect a lightning cable to your iPhone to a Mac. Select ‘Trust the computer’ option
  •  On the Mac device, open QuickTime app then go to the File option and select New Audio Recording .
  •  Then, select iPhone from the option and tap the Record button in QuickTime.
  •   Now, make a WhatsApp call . if the call is connected, then click on the Add User icon.
  •  You want to record audio to start the conversation with that one. When the recording is done, disconnect the call and stop the recording in QuickTime. Now save the file to the Mac

 Record WhatsApp Video Calls on iPhone.

Apple introduced a built-in screen recorder. Which is very helpful and use this feature on your iPhone. This app help to record your WhatsApp video calls without difficulty. There is no need for third-party apps to record WhatsApp video calls on iPhone. Follow we show you step by step guide.

  •  From settings select Control Center. Tap the ‘Custom Controls’ option and add the screen recording option to the list of active controls.
  •  Choose the Control Center and tap on the screen recording option .
  •  Now, call the you want to record a call to through WhatsApp.
  •  Set the call volume to maximum and  enabled the microphone. To record the audio.
  •  When the conversation is done, stop recording and save the file .

We have explained the guide on how to easily record and save audio and video calls on WhatsApp and we believe you will find it very useful. Thanks for looking till the end of this article.