What Are The Different Ways to Access Websites that Won’t Load.

Different Ways to Access Websites that Won’t Load.

 Everything is on the internet right now. Thus, you tend to surf in and out of many websites to get something you want.

 At times you might have noticed that certain websites will be unable to load or it crashes instantly. This might piss you off really badly. Websites won’t load if there is heavy traffic or if there are blocked contents or when you don’t have a stable network.

 There are instances when a website will be inaccessible to everyone, that will be because of a permanent problem of the website.

 It will be good to understand some alert messages such as ‘403 Forbidden’, ‘404 Page Not Found’, ’500 Internal Server Error’,  ‘503 Service Unavailable’ etc.

 ‘403 Forbidden,’ : as the name suggests, you will be forbidden from viewing the page content. Sometimes using a Virtual Private Network aka VPN might help you to tackle this.

  ‘404 Page Not Found’ : this message appears when you have a broken link. Which means that the web page related to that URL won’t be available.

 “500 Internal Server Error” : this means that there is a problem with the host server, and waiting is your best option.

‘503 Service Unavailable’  : this message will be present on your screen if the website is under maintenance or has extra traffic. This issue might get cleared after some time.

Simple Ways to Access a Website That Won’t Load.

 In this article you will get to see different ways to access a website that won’t load.

  •       Rectifying Browser Extensions

Browser plug-ins are used to provide you with a better user experience while using the internet. These same plug-ins could become the villain at times. They might deny your access from entering certain sites.

If the parental controls are turned on, then you might face difficulty in accessing certain contents. If you are a grown up adult and know the context of each content, then you can chat with the network operator to lift the restrictions.

Certain ad blockers can also deny your access to certain pages. Understand this and turn off the plug-ins when needed.

  •       Use VPN

Free VPNs are available online. Using a VPN extension can make your site loading time fast. With the help of VPN you could gain access to region restricted contents if needed.

You can use a VPN to mask your location, with this you can access a content even if its area is restricted one.

  •       Using Internet Archives

If you find loading a page is taking a lot more time than expected, but you wanted to access that page really badly, then you can go for internet archives.

The Way back Machine is one such place where you can find saved websites. It is a non profit website that hosts internet archives.

The websites which are popular by their traffic and contents will be captured on a regular basis by the internet archives.

You can search for the needed web page by running a search with the URL and you might get the page which you were looking for. You can also search for the page through calendars.

  •       Using a Proxy

If you don’t feel right to use a VPN, then you could always use a proxy server to gain access to a restricted website.

Proxies can also mask your location just like a VPN. The traffic will be directed through a third party so that the location will be changed.

Online proxies are also available for use. Startpage is one such proxy that you could use when needed, it can also add it as a Chrome extension. Search for the restricted page and tap on the ‘Anonymous View’ option adjacent to every result.