How Can We Use Instagram On A Computer?

 Learn how to use a computer to operate Instagram.

From a photo-sharing app, Instagram has turned into a bigger platform for entertainment and also a space that gives immense business opportunities.

However, the core feature of Instagram remains the same. It connects people and helps to share pictures and videos with your community. In other words, it helps to record your fun. One of the coolest features of the media is that you can send direct messages to others.

The application is much more associated with a smartphone rather than a computer, but that application can be operated with a PC. This means that you can chat with people on Instagram using a laptop or a PC.

How can we Use Instagram On PC.

In this article, we will see how we can use a computer for operating Instagram.

   1. One of the easiest ways is to download the Instagram app on your PC.

Here are the steps to download the Instagram app on your PC.

  •       Open the start menu, which is at the bottom left of your windows screen.
  •       Search for ‘Windows Store’ and open it.
  •       Search ‘Instagram’ in the search bar provided on the upper right side of the screen.
  •       Select the Instagram app from it.
  •       Start downloading by clicking the download button next to it.
  •       Once the application is downloaded, install it by opening the downloaded file and running it.
  •       The app will be ready to use by the time.
  •       Open the app and log in by typing the ID and password.

Now you are capable of using Instagram from your PC.

Here on you can send or reply to Instagram messages even if your smartphone is not with you.

 2.Getting Instagram through Chrome extension.

  •       Open Google chrome.
  •       Go to the Chrome web store by searchingchrome web store’ on the search bar.
  •       Open the first link.
  •       Search for Instagram extensions on the search bar at the left top.
  •       Select one that you need and add it to your Chrome by clicking the ‘Add to Chrome’ option.
  •       Log in by providing the details and you are ready to use.

   3. Android Emulators.

Android Emulators allows your Windows to emulate an Android device. It even allows you to download android applications.

How to install an Emulator?

There are so many emulator applications available. Nox Player and Bluestaks are the most recognized ones.

  •       Open browser.
  •       Search Nox Player/ Bluestacks.
  •       Download the app.
  •       Open the app once the download is completed and click on the run option to run the application.
  •       Now it’s ready to use.
  •       Use it to download the Instagram app by searching it on the search bar on the play store.
  •       Open the download app and run it to get installed.
  •       Now you can access Instagram by logging in by providing the required details.

Thus, you will be able to open Instagram and send messages or upload photos and videos from your PC.

   4.Look for third-party software or applications.

  •       Open browser.
  •       Search for third party Instagram apps.
  •       Go through the descriptions.
  •       Select a convenient one.
  •       IG DM application is considered a great option because it works so similar to that of Instagram.
  •       Download the application by selecting the download option.
  •       Open it once the download process is complete.
  •       Run the program to get installed.
  •       Now you can use Instagram with the help of a third-party app.

   5. Using web login.

You can log in to Instagram from a browser too.

  •       Open any browser on your PC.
  •       Search for Instagram on the search bar.
  •       Select the Instagram login link.
  •       Enter ID and Password.
  •       You will be logged in to your Instagram profile.
  •       Now you can send direct messages or upload a photo/video from your PC.

With all these methods, you can use Instagram even when your smartphone or tablet is not with you.

So next time when you have just your PC try one of these methods to check your Insta.