Best Ways to Delete Your Android Data Once and For All.

Best Ways to Delete Your Android Data Once and For All.

 Smartphones are an integral part of one’s life. All our secrets and information are present in it. Thus, it is important to delete all the data present in the phone before selling it or throwing it away.

 Even if the files are deleted, it could be retrieved with the help of software. That’s why privacy has become a major concern these days.

 Latest updates of Android starting from Android 6 aka Marshmallow had increased the security to prevent recovery software from extracting the deleted data. But still someone might be able to find a loose end and in this article you will be explained about permanently erasing your data.

  •  Phone Restore/ Restore to Factory Settings

This is a way to delete all the data from your phone. After this your phone will be in factory condition, which means that it will be just like new and no data will be there.

This task is recommended to perform before selling your phone to someone.

Keep in mind that it will be better to transfer or backup needed data before restoring the phone.

 You need to make sure that the phone is encrypted before resetting. If it’s  not encrypted, the deleted data could be recovered.

Go to Settings>> Select System>> Choose Advanced option>> click on the Reset option>> Tap on Erase all Data>> Select Delete all data.

 To confirm your identity, it is required to enter the device pin or pattern once again. After that select ‘Delete all Data’ option. Thus, your phone will be good as new.

  •       Clearing The SD card

It will always be a great choice to clear the SD card rather than clearing the entire phone if the unwanted file is in the SD card.

This can be done in a number of ways. From the phone itself you can clear the SD card.

  •       Open Settings.
  •       Go to Storage.
  •       Choose the SD card.
  •       Find the file.
  •       Delete it.

Once you delete the file, there are chances of recovering it. So it is highly recommended to format the SD Card. Formatting an SD card will clear all its data. So if there is any important data in the card, copy it to the phone memory before formatting the card.

  •       Open Settings.
  •       Go to Storage.
  •       Choose the SD card.
  •       Tap on the three dots on the top right.
  •       Select ‘Storage Settings.’
  •       Chose ‘Format’
  •       Select ‘Erase and Format’ / ‘Format SD Card’

 Another way is by connecting your phone with a PC using a data cable and opening ‘This PC, to find your device. Open it and go to SD Card. Delete the files that you want to be erased.

You can insert the SD Card to your PC’s card drive and find the card by searching in the file explorer. Locate the card and then delete the files.

  •       Using A PC to Delete Android Data

This is also a simple way to delete files from your phone. You can connect your phone with your PC or your laptop with a data cable.

After connecting the phone, check whether your phone recognizes the PC as a charging device. To verify this drop the notification bar and check the USB settings. If it is selected as a ‘USB charging device’, switch it to the ‘Transfer File’ option.

Now open the file explorer on your PC, locate your device and open it.

Look for the files you want to delete. You can delete the file either Right Click>>Delete or by Press Shift key + Delete key.

Thus the file will be deleted permanently from the device. This is a simple and easy way to sort files and delete them permanently.

  •       Using File Shredders

If you doubt your phone’s encryption or if you are using an old version of Android, you can use a file shredder to delete your data permanently.

 Shredders are capable of erasing even the unseen data from your phone. At times there will be data even in the free spaces, a shredder will detect them and delete it.

Data Eraser, Shreddit, iShredder, etc. are some of the popular shredding applications that provide various shredding algorithms.

Shredders will overwrite the data with random characters, which means that it will be hard to retrieve deleted data.

After installing any of these shredders, grant them permission to access the device’s files. The applications will ask your permission before shredding any data, so you can avoid certain folders if needed.

  •       Data deletion using a File Manager

Deleting a file or a piece of data from within the application won’t do any good, most of the time the deleted data will be saved as a backup and thus, anyone can retrieve it.

Applications like your phone gallery or Google Photos, etc. wont erase the file after you delete it, instead the data will be moved to the recycle bin and it will be there until a period of time. 

This is when you could use a file manager application to delete data permanently:

  •       Download and install a file manager application.
  •       Select the file/folder in the file manager.
  •       Select the trash icon/ tap on the file and choose delete option.
  •       The app will now notify you that this process cannot be undone, all the files deleted will stay deleted and the items cannot be retrieved. If everything is correct, then tap on the ‘Delete’ option and those files will be deleted.