5 Home Made Remedy for Wet Cough.

5 Home Made Remedy for Wet Cough.

A wet cough raises sputum. It is also called a productive cough because you can feel the excess mucus moving up and out of your lungs. After a productive cough, you may feel phlegm in your mouth.

Natural Cough Remedies.

People use natural remedies to treat persistent cough. Some of the following remedies may help you to some extent to get rid of your persistent cough.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and can ease a dry or asthmatic cough. Also helps reduce nausea and pain

Only a few older studies understood the effect of ginger on cough. A 2015 study looked at 10 different natural products used in traditional Asian medicines, including ginger. Researchers have found that ginger, along with other remedies including honey, has a long-standing role in traditional medicine.


Researchers have examined the effect of using honey to treat coughs in respiratory infections.

Researchers found that honey was superior to standard care in suppressing coughs and preventing the need for antibiotics.

In a 2021 study, researchers compared honey to the common cough suppressant dextromethorphan. Researchers have found that both honey and dextromethorphan work to suppress coughs.


A wet cough that produces phlegm or sputum may improve with steam. All the evidence agrees that steam is believed to help with coughs and other symptoms. However, a 2017 trusted study found that using steam for colds did not significantly improve a person’s symptoms.

   4.Herbal cough drops

Cough drops made from honey, lemon, eucalyptus, sage, thyme, or peppermint can help prevent coughs. Its easily made at from because those ingredient are easily available in kitchen

  5.Vitamin C

Vitamin C in large quantities boosts the immune system and helps fight viral infections faster. Eating oranges or drinking fresh orange juice will help you to recover faster until your symptoms improve. Also, do not feel badly as it is not a herb or bitter medicine.


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