1,00,000 is Google Pay Limit Per Day in India

Google Pay Limit Per Day in India.

Google Pay

The process of transferring money over the Internet is widespread in India. In recent years digital wallets have added unique features and user interfaces. Google Pay is not far behind the competition.

With the UPI payment business growing day by day in India, Google introduced Tez to enter the world of e-wallets and manage all transactions in India. Google Tez was later launched as Google Pay. It was launched with great features and its growth ambitions have taken the Indian payments sector by complete surprise.

Google Pay is one of the electronic wallet and payment platforms. It allows customers to pay with their Android smartphones in stores, compatible websites, smartphone applications, and Google services such as the Google Play Store.

Users can pay for products purchased using their credit or debit cards using Google Pay. It is used to make purchases in stores or online. Google Pay can be used with payment terminals via Near-Field Communication (NFC) on Android handsets. It can be used on websites that provide the service when users sign in to their Gmail accounts in the Chrome browser.

Google Pay Transaction

Google Pay lets you send and receive payments online. What sets it apart from other mobile wallets is that it allows you to receive transactions directly into your bank account. So, no worries about receiving payments in wallets and transferring them to your bank later.

While the main purpose of Google Pay is to facilitate easy money transfers. It enables the users to transact with businesses that allow UPI-based money transfers.

Complete the below-mentioned actions before using google pay

  • Link with your local bank account to Google Pay.
  • Choose your UPI pin.

What is the Google Pay limit per day?

Google pay has daily and monthly limits on how much money you can send or receive using Google Pay.
Limits are determined by Google Pay, UPI, your bank, and Google.

Google Pay users can send and receive payments instantly using the app. First, the app is linked to your bank account – which directly debits funds for sending or buying goods. The app is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

You can recharge prepaid phones and clear any bill. Google Pay helps you pay any type of bill.However, the app has several restrictions, one of which is the transaction limit.

Given below include the transaction limit of google pay :

Daily limits for Google Pay:

  • Advance Google Pay supports generic Unified Payments (UPI).1,00,000 per day limit for Google Pay app than all UPI apps.
  • Google Pay users cannot send money more than ten times a day across UPI.
  • If the above-mentioned cotton is eaten. You can do another transaction the next day.

Bank limits for Google Pay:

If your daily transactions are above the UPI limit try another bank account in Ahnek.

Your bank has its own limits on how much money you can send or receive. Please contact your bank for more information

Other limits:

Fraud Protection: Some transactions may be flagged for further review. If you’re having trouble making a transaction and don’t think you’ve reached a limit, contact Google Pay Support for further assistance. dial 1-800-419-0157 from your registered mobile number and clear your problems.

Note: If you are trying to send or receive less than ₹1, it will not be allowed.

How to use Google Pay

Following is the step-by-step guide on how to use Google pay

1) Firstly, open Google Play Store on your smartphone and download the Google Pay app.

2) Once the download is complete open the Google Pay app.

3) Choose your country of residence and move to Continue.

4) Select the Google account you need to use and Continue.

5) Now enter your phone number and click on Next

6) You’ll get an OTP number and enter it

7) You will be asked to select something related to privacy Priorities. Follow the instructions.

8) You have arrived!

How to add Debit/Credit card in Google pay

Adding a debit or credit card to Google Pay is easy, but first you need to create a Google Pay account.

  • Open the Google Pay app on your phone.
  • Open the Insights tab on the bottom-right corner
  • Select the ‘Show all accounts’ option
  • Select ‘Add card’.
  • Enter your card number and follow the instructions.

How to add a Bank account in Google Pay

Apart from paying through debit or credit cards, you can also pay directly from your bank account. Follow the steps on how to add your bank

  • Open the Google Pay app.
  •  Open the Insights tab on the bottom-right corner
  •  Select ‘Show all accounts’ option
  •  Select where it says Google Pay balance.
  •  Now you need to complete your identity verification.
  •  Select ‘Add money’ option
  •  Choose how much you want to add.
  • Move to Next.
  •  Click on the payment method selector
  •  Select the ‘Add bank account’ option
  •  Now, you will sign in to your bank account using Plaid.
  •  Follow instructions to finish the process.

Benefits of Using Google Pay

The benefits of using Google Pay are given below:

  • It is easy to use firstly install Google Pay on your smartphone or your smartwatch. Only have to make sure that it is NFC-enabled.
  • Google Pay includes a high level of security. It ensures that your money is not misused or stolen. Protects your credit card numbers without sharing them with anyone
  • In this generation, everyone has a smartphone or smartwatch, are you one of them? then doesn’t matter, if you forget your wallet at home, you can easily buy the product from the supermarket by paying through Google Pay.
  • Attractive promotion and reward programs are available through Google Pay. A big advantage of mobile payment methods is that apart from the convenience of use, they reward you for using or promoting it.
  • This is a very easy-to-use and free app.
    Google Pay is free for consumers and vendors. A vendor may charge you a credit card surcharge, but it may apply to any card transaction, and any surcharge is charged by the shop, not Google Pay.

Google Pay is Safe or Not

Yes, Google Pay is secure. Google Pay does not show your actual card data. Using the latest technology implemented by Google, you can make payments as securely as possible. Your financial and personal information is always protected

  •  Your card details are never stored on your phone and it is not shared with anyone.
  •  Google Pay uses a “token”. That sends to the retailer virtual bank details rather than your actual details, so your details are never at risk. It works for both online and in-store transactions.
  • Your details are securely encrypted in the Google Cloud.
  • Your device must be equipped with an automatic screen lock. If you disable this, your account details will be removed.
  •  You can track all transactions through the app, thus confirming where and when each transaction took place.