10 Features of Google Drive/2022

10 Features of Google Drive.

 Google Drive, recognized to be one of the finest features of Google has over 1.5 billions of users.

 G-Drive has made compact storage much more easy. It now hosts billions of GB worth of data. Even Though most of us use G-Drive, many of us don’t know some secret features of the Drive.

 In this article, you will see eight different features of Google Drive.

1. Direct Sharing.

Google Drive has this option of sharing a document directly. Which means that you don’t need to exit the drive to share a file.

It is a simple process, if you are using a pc or a laptop right click on the file that you need to share. Tap on the ‘Share’ option and share it with a particular person or create a link and open the access to anyone with the link.

Through smartphones, you can repeat the same process with a long press on the file.

2. For Sending Large Documents.

Gmail doesn’t support the sharing of files that exceed 25 MB. But with the help of Google Drive along with Gmail, you can share up to 10 GB files.

To do this just click on the ‘Drive’ icon while drafting a mail and choose the file.

3. Control The Quick Access Menu.

You must have noticed that whenever you open the G-Drive, the recently opened files show up on top of the screen.

This appears on the basis of your history. These suggestions consume a lot of screen space and anyone nearby can get a glimpse of your recent files.

To turn this off: Open Google Drive; Go to ‘Settings’; Select ‘Suggestions’. From there you can readjust and edit the settings.

4. Easy Conversion of Offline files to Google Drive Format.

Google Drive’s formats are a bit different from that of Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. The format changes when you upload a word file to a google doc. Or drive.

This problem can be addressed by converting all the Microsoft files into their Google Drive format at the time of uploading itself.

To do this, Open Google Drive; Go to ‘Settings’; Select ‘Convert’; tap on the selection box next to the option ‘Convert upload Files to Google Docs Editor Format .’

From here on the office files will be converted to its drive equivalent at the time of uploading itself.

5. Changing the Folder Colour.

Google Drive has the provision to assign particular colours to a folder. With this you can allot a special colour to a folder.

Open the Drive; select the folder which you want to change colour and right click on it; Choose ‘Change Colour’ option from the ‘Context Menu.’

Google Drive is a place where you save a lot of files. You could receive some files directly here. Thus if you want to select a file from many it will be easy to search the folder/file name and select.

Searching through the search bar is the same way you do it here also, but it can perform specific searches as well.

Just like the Gmail search bar, you can search precisely and refine your search list quickly.

Which means that you can filter your search by using ‘To:’,’From:’, ‘AND’, ‘OR’, etc.

7. Creating Shortcuts.

Sometimes you might be regularly visiting a file in your google drive. So every time it will be hard for you to open the drive each time to select the file.

Thus, you might have thought of creating a file shortcut to make the access easy.

To do this: Open the Drive; Select the folder: right click on the file; choose ‘Add a shortcut to drive’ option.

 8.Back up.

Google Drive can be considered as a wonderful backup server. You can easily sync your files with G-Drive and protect your data.

To do this on your desktop, you must need Google’s Backup and Sync Application installed. From the settings menu of this application, you can select the files and folders that you want to sync with google drive.

9. Convert PDFs to Docs.

           Google Drive lets you convert PDF files to Docs without Adobe Acrobat. Right-click on the PDF file you want to edit in Docs from Drive. Click “Open with” and select “Google Docs” which will open your PDF as a docs file

Additionally, you can do the same with an image file containing text, which will easily convert your image to a Docs file.

10. Documents can be scanned.

       You can scan paper documents using Google Drive on your mobile. Open your Drive mobile app and tap on the “Scan” option. Take photos of bills, statements or any similar paper documents. Google will store your documents as PDFs .

This article gives you 10 features about Google Drive, we have included all the features in simple words, we hope you understand and use the benefits.